In today’s world, the risk of property foreclosure is a real threat to many home owners and families. So, if you’re currently facing this, don’t worry as you’re certainly not alone. Also, the chances are that there is still something you can do to prevent this from happening.

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How can I prevent my property from being foreclosure

While seeking and getting advice as early as possible is the best way to stop the escalation of mortgage arrears, it’s never too late to save your property from foreclosure and losing everything. If your mortgage lender has written to you informing you that your mortgage is in arrears, or even if they have applied to a court requesting a foreclosure order, don’t worry – you can still avoid foreclosure.

Selling your property using traditional methods

One way to avoid foreclosure of your property is to sell it. However, selling your property using traditional methods and real estate agent can take quite a while. Finding and appointing an agency, paperwork, advertising, viewings – time can really drag on. Add to this the fact that property sales are stalling as the property market has become a buyer’s market. Amongst those reasons blamed for this are the stricter lending rules that recently came into effect, uncertainty ahead of likely interest rate rises and over inflated prices.

The Alternative – Using a Fast Property Purchase Company

Unlike traditional real estate office, fast property purchase companies can help stop the foreclosure of your property by purchasing it from you within days. Companies like us – Property Buyer – are a regulated and trusted fast purchase company and we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional and very welcome service to all of our clients.


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